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Six Ways to Make Time Changes Easier for Seniors with Alzheimer’s Disease

Time changes can be tough for many people, but they can be extra difficult for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease.
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Coping with Alzheimer’s disease brings a variety of different challenges for seniors as well as family caregivers. One of those challenges is adjusting to time changes, especially when daylight saving time shifts. Disruptions to routines and schedules can be upsetting, but there are strategies family caregivers can use to make it easier. Alzheimer’s home care providers can be a huge help with this issue.

Adjust Routines in Advance

Time changes bring sudden changes to routines, but adjusting routines slowly in advance of the time change can be helpful. Gradually shifting activities like bedtime, meals, and other activities by just a few minutes over several days or weeks makes the time change less jarring. For seniors with Alzheimer’s disease, this gentle acclimation is easier.

But Keep Routines Consistent

It’s important even when gradually adjusting routines to keep them as consistent as possible. Consistency is really important for people with cognitive illnesses. Keeping the routines as similar as possible while slowly adjusting the times offers the support that Alzheimer’s patients need. If seniors don’t have solid routines in place, home care providers can help them to build supportive routines.

Use Lots of Visual Cues and Reminders

Alzheimer’s patients tend to find visual cues and reminders helpful. Analog clocks, calendars, and visual schedules offer clear cues to seniors about the current time and about what is happening next. It can also help to use different colors of pens or highlighters to make specific events stand out more.

Prioritize Meaningful Activities

No matter what else is happening, seniors with Alzheimer’s disease benefit from engaging in meaningful activities. These activities can help distract seniors, offering them a sense of purpose, and helping them to enjoy life more. These might be activities like engaging with games and puzzles, listening to music, or doing things outdoors.

Encourage Rest

One side effect of time changes can be that seniors feel more tired. Building in time to rest and encouraging them to get the best possible sleep is a good idea. This might be a good time to look at the sleep environment and make sure seniors have what they need to get better sleep overall. Cutting back on stimulants like caffeine earlier in the day can be a huge help. It also might be a good idea to re-evaluate bedtime routines and see if those are still serving seniors well.

Be Reassuring, Patient, and Flexible

Above all, it’s important to offer reassurances whenever possible while also being patient and flexible. It can take extra time and support for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease to adjust after a time change. Every person experiences time changes differently, and they may experience different challenges each time change.

Time changes aren’t necessarily a fun experience for most people, but they can be especially difficult for people with Alzheimer’s disease. Working through some of these tips can help, as can having support from Alzheimer’s home care providers who understand the needs of individuals with cognitive illnesses. Alleviating the stress and confusion of this time can go a long way toward offering more stability and protecting the well-being of seniors with Alzheimer’s disease during time changes.

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