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How to Tell if a Senior Has Shingles

If you or home care start noticing spots or rashes and think your loved one could have shingles it’s important to take them to the doctor to get help.
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Shingles are caused by the same virus that also causes chickenpox, the difference is shingles impact seniors mostly. A young adult may develop shingles but it is rare and something that usually impacts the elderly generation the most. If you or home care start noticing spots or rashes and think your loved one could have shingles it’s important to take them to the doctor to get help. The skin rash that accompanies shingles can be painful and uncomfortable for a senior and it can disrupt their daily lives. Here are some ways home care can tell if a senior is suffering from shingles.

Blisters May Fill with Fluid

Before anything happens a senior may start complaining of itchy skin, tingling skin, and any blisters may start filling with fluids. Sometimes blisters start to occur because of shingles and right before the rash appears. Home care may help try to soothe a senior’s skin and help try to take care of blisters. A senior should be keeping their bodies clean and if they need help in the shower, this is an area home care can help with. On top of keeping skin clean even when it’s painful, the area where blisters occur should be kept dry to prevent any bacteria from spreading. If any blisters pop a senior needs to clean, dry, and keep the area bandaged to prevent infection. This can be painful and a senior will need to go to the doctor immediately.

Itchy Rashes Develop

Once the blisters disappear a rash usually appears next. They may look like tiny spots like chicken pox or they may cover a small area without a shape. No matter what it looks like this rash can be extremely irritating. Home care should encourage a senior to not scratch this rash because it can hurt worse and spread germs and bacteria. Sometimes a senior does not get blisters and they just get the rash. As soon as they notice, it’s time to book a doctor’s appointment. The earlier a senior gets treated the more comfortable they will be and the faster it will go away.

Skin is Sensitive to Touch

The rash will develop but before, during, and after a senior may complain that their skin hurts really bad. Their skin may become inflamed which makes things like clothing and even soft touches totally unbearable. If you go to hug your loved one and they wince, this may be a sign that something is wrong and they need to go talk to a doctor. Home care can help observe how a senior is behaving and reacting or what they’re talking about. This can help spot the signs of shingles.

How Home Care Can Help

If your senior mom or dad is diagnosed with Shingles they may need some extra help during this time. Home care can help ensure a senior is still showering and caring for their skin even when it hurts. And most importantly these caregivers will help ensure your loved one is wearing loose comfortable clothing that will allow their skin to breathe and heal during this time.

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