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What Hospital to Home Transition Care Can Offer Your Senior

Hiring hospital to home transition care can be a huge benefit. They are caregivers who can help with laundry, dishes, checking mail, and more.
Hospital to Home Transition in Mandeville LA

If your loved one has a hospital stay coming up or they are in the hospital about to be discharged they may need to find hospital to home transition care. This doesn’t need to be long-term home care but it may need to be someone who helps them around the house temporarily. Here are some of the things hospital to home transition care can help your loved one with.

Cooking Meals

Your loved one may need to follow a certain type of diet once they are out of the hospital. Before a senior gets home they may need to send a professional, family, or a friend to their homes to stock the fridge. A doctor will usually give a senior a list of foods they can and cannot eat after surgery. They may also put a senior on prescription medication and a senior may need to stay away from certain ingredients so they don’t experience any negative side effects from the new medicine. Your loved one may need help picking out foods, reading ingredients, or just need someone to help with simple reminders. Sometimes if a senior is more immobile after surgery they will need actual help preparing the meals they need to eat. It is crucial to set up care before a senior goes home.

Household Chores

Depending on the surgery a senior may be dealing with movement issues or pain throughout the day. No matter what surgery a senior gets they need the time to rest and recover. But living alone as an elderly person means there is an entire household to manage. This management of daily tasks to keep the house organized and running can seem like a lot to manage and it can add stress for your loved one. To take off some of this stress, hiring hospital to home transition care can be a huge benefit. They are caregivers who can help with laundry, dishes, checking mail, and more. Whatever your senior needs to be able to rest and relax can be done with the help of a professional. If this surgery has been planned in advance, hiring help after the surgery should also be done in advance. Any good doctor will recommend it for a senior and may partner with certain services they can tell a senior about.

Wound Management if They Are a Skilled Nurse

Your loved one may need more advanced care, and that is a concern that many seniors need to think about before surgery. A doctor will evaluate a senior’s needs and capabilities before going through with the surgery and will make recommendations based on their lifestyle and what is going to happen during the surgery. If a senior is mostly independent and just needs help with changing clothes and doing basic things they may not need skilled nursing. On the other hand, if a senior is going to need help with wound management, taking drugs, and other tasks like that, they are going to need a skilled nurse to come to their home. A doctor may be able to do home visits as well but these will need to be scheduled in advance.

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