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Ensuring Your Elderly Parents Stay in Bed During the Night

Your loved one should consider hiring home care. These are professionals who will help keep your loved one safe even if they do get up in the middle of the night.
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Aging in place can be a challenge for a senior but it is also scary for the adult children who worry over their parents. You may be scared that your loved one gets up in the middle of the night and you may question whether or not they should be living alone. Luckily, there are tons of options when it comes to aging in place. Your loved one should consider hiring home care. These are professionals who will help keep your loved one safe even if they do get up in the middle of the night. Here are some ways to ensure your loved one stays in bed during the night and they are things that home care can help with.

Keep a Routine

A senior should have a good routine and that includes up until they go to bed. Home care can ensure all needs are met before a senior ever gets into bed. This means a senior will be fed, bathed, clothed, and all bathroom needs are met. When basic needs have been met your senior loved one will not feel the need to get up. Of course, things happen and your senior may need to use the bathroom once in a while but with the help of home care, this should not happen every single night. If your senior is getting up every single night for something, their routine may need to be changed to account for what they need or what they are getting up for. Routines are not rigid and they are not set in stone, they can be changed depending on the needs of your loved one.

Set Up a Side Table or Organizer

Sometimes seniors get up for water, snacks, medications, or other things. Home care can help by noticing what they are getting up for and then helping them set up a small organizer that holds what they need. Your senior may wake up but they don’t need to leave the bed. On their bedside table, they can have access to whatever they are looking for which could help them go back to bed easier, after waking up. This is something that many people neglect to do but it is one of the best ways to keep seniors safe during the night and keep them in bed for longer.

Prepare During the Day

If your loved one is waking up a ton during the middle of the night and this is a constant thing, they may not be burning enough energy during the day. Home care can help your loved one by encouraging them to move as much as possible and to do things on their own when they can. This will help them burn off any excess energy and this can help them sleep tonight. When your senior moves around during the day it will help prepare them to sleep at night.


You can do everything under the sun to keep a senior in bed, but the truth is things happen. Your loved one will get out of bed and the best thing you can do is ensure the house is safe for them. This means your loved one may need to move around furniture or throw things away to get rid of clutter. This may be something they don’t want to do but it will help them if they ever do need to get up in the middle of the night.

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