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Washing Hair as a Senior

Hiring personal care at home can be a great way to ensure your loved one is not only bathing but that they are having an easier time doing so.
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Taking a bath seems like a simple thing to think about, and maybe it is for you, but it may not be for your senior loved one. As you get older your body ages and things change. It seems like a simple statement but many seniors don’t know what that means until it is happening and they are experiencing it firsthand. There are certain things you can do to make bathing easier for your elderly loved one but on top of all of that, you should know a few specific things. Firstly, hiring personal care at home can be a great way to ensure your loved one is not only bathing but that they are having an easier time bathing. Secondly, personal care at home can help create a routine involving bathing that will help keep your loved one clean and happy. Thirdly, you should know when a senior should be bathing and doing things like washing their hair. Here are some things to know about senior bath time.

When Should Seniors Bathe?

Not all seniors have full-time care or they may not like having their adult children help them during vulnerable times like taking a bath. This is when hiring personal care at home can help a senior age in place with little discomfort. If you hire personal care at home for your loved one they may only come part-time and you may be wondering how often your senior should be showering. The truth is, if they smell okay, don’t have any infections, and don’t have full-time help, they may not need to bathe every day. Your senior may only need to bathe two or three times a week. Some seniors are comfortable showering one day a week. Every senior is different and bathing will be case by case. Personal care at home can help a senior look for any rashes or infections that may need attention and they can use that to help a senior determine how often they should bathe.

When Should Seniors Wash Their Hair?

The next question you might have is figuring out how many times a week your loved one should wash their hair. Some seniors hate washing hair for various reasons but it is something that needs to be done to maintain proper hygiene. Your loved one may not want to wash their hair because:

  • They don’t like wet hair.
  • It takes too long to dry.
  • They’re not going out.
  • They forget.
  • Seniors may not be able to open bottles.


Most of these are things that personal care at home can help with. If your loved one is only bathing once or twice a week they may need to wash their hair every single time they shower which can be annoying for them and make them want to wash their hair less. However, personal care at home can not only help a senior remember to wash their hair but prepare the shower in advance making it easier for your loved one to squeeze out shampoo and conditioner.

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