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Lower the Risk of Loneliness and Isolation With Companion Care at Home

Ease the risk of loneliness and isolation by making sure your dad has companion care at home, he'll have a caregiver to help with housekeeping, hobbies, and meals.
Companion Care at Home Mandeville LA
Companion Care at Home Mandeville LA

Thirty-four percent of older adults report feeling lonely or isolated at least some of the time. Just as many report having no more than one visitor per week. How often do you visit? If you live in another state or country, it may be impossible to visit as often as your dad would like. Is your dad lonely?

How can you make sure your dad isn’t lonely or feeling isolated when you also have to work or live in another area? Companion care at home is a good start.

Call as Much as You Can

Call your dad regularly to check in and see how he’s doing. If he’s able to video chat, you can see that he looks showered, dressed, and groomed. Check that he looks hydrated and has enough to eat. Ask him leading questions to make sure he’s eating plenty and getting outside for walks.

Get to Know His Neighbors

If you know your dad’s neighbors, they can keep an eye on him and tell you if anything is wrong. If you don’t, see if you can get to know them. If that’s not an option, make sure a family friend or other caregiver is checking in regularly.

Look Into Social Activities

Check with the area senior center, library, and community center and see what they have for activities your dad would enjoy. He’ll just need to find transportation to those events, and they’ll ensure he has people to socialize with.

Senior centers often provide transportation when necessary, and they give your dad a range of things to do. There are usually luncheons, Yoga and Tai Chi classes, book reading groups, and outings to area museums, ballparks, and restaurants. He’ll just need spending money for any outings.

Make Sure People Visit Him Often

Talk to area friends and family members to see who is free and can visit each week. The more visitors he has, the happier he’ll be. Arrange regular visits to check in, see if he needs anything or transportation to a store, and make sure he has power, water, and enough to eat. In the winter, make sure his heat is working, and make sure AC is working in the summer.

If he doesn’t have anyone visiting often enough, companion care at home offers the visits and companionship he needs. Don’t wait until something happens.

Ease the risk of loneliness and isolation by making sure your dad has someone with him each week. With companion care at home, he’ll have a caregiver there to help him with housekeeping, laundry, hobbies, and meals. His caregiver can join him on walks, make his bed, and join him on shopping trips.

When you call the agency, you’ll have plenty of time to ask questions, learn more about the services, and schedule caregiver visits. Your dad never has to feel alone or isolated when you’ve arranged companion care at home.

If you or an aging loved one are considering companion care at home in Mandeville, LA please contact the caring staff at BrightCare Homecare today. Call (985) 224-0404

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