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Why Golden Retrievers are Great Pets for Seniors

The home care team can help seniors care for a pet if they can't do it by themselves.
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February 3 is National Golden Retriever Day so there’s no better time to talk about why golden retrievers are fantastic pets for seniors. There are a lot of reasons why seniors should have a pet, including lower stress and better physical health. And golden retrievers are fantastic pets for seniors to have!

Seniors who are worried about their ability to take care of a pet don’t have to worry. Home care can help seniors with pet care and feeding. With home care, seniors won’t have to do the heavy lifting of pet care if they aren’t physically able to do it.

Some of the reasons why golden retrievers are the perfect dogs for seniors are:

Golden Retrievers are Gentle

Golden retrievers are known for being gentle and friendly. They are good-natured gentle dogs that won’t be too rambunctious around seniors, their grandchildren, or any of the home care providers that work with your senior parent. Golden retrievers are loyal companions who love their humans wholeheartedly.

Golden Retrievers are Indoor Dogs

Golden retrievers are versatile, which means they can adapt well to life as indoor companions. While they enjoy a walk or a visit to the dog park they are perfectly happy to stay home and nap too. They don’t need a lot of yard space or indoor space to be happy.

Golden Retrievers are Easy to Train

Seniors need to have dogs that are well-trained. Because seniors may have poor balance or limited mobility it’s important that their dogs are trained not to jump or knock them over. Golden retrievers are very intelligent and easy to train. They can learn basic commands, house training, and even some fun tricks.

Your senior parent can even train a golden retriever to do things for them around the house. Golden retrievers are excellent assistance dogs because of their intelligence and loving gentle nature.

 Golden Retrievers aren’t High Energy

Some dog breeds are considered “working breeds”, which means they need hours of exercise every day and specialized training to do well. Golden retrievers aren’t a “working breed”. They are moderately sized and like most dogs require walks and some playtime, but they don’t need extensive exercise time or training.

Golden Retrievers are Great Companions

One of the best reasons for seniors to have a dog is for the emotional support and unconditional love that a dog can provide. Golden Retrievers are known for their deep emotional connection with their owners. This bond that a golden retriever has with a senior can provide a sense of purpose, routine, and joy for seniors.

Golden Retrievers Love People

Seniors won’t have to worry about how their dog reacts to their grandchildren, a care provider, or people they meet on the street when walking. Golden retrievers are friendly dogs who love people and are gentle enough to be around children of all ages.

Golden Retrievers Have a Long Life Span

With proper care, a golden retriever has a life span of 10-12 years. That means your senior parent could spend a decade or more with a wonderful companion who will bring joy, purpose, love, and company into their life.

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