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The Symptoms of Mini Strokes Seniors Need to Know

Home care can help seniors get the medical help they need fast in the event of a stroke or mini stroke. They can also notice any symptoms they may experience.
Home Care in Mandeville LA
Home Care in Mandeville LA

Mini strokes are actually transient ischemic attacks or TIAs. But they are often referred to as mini strokes because they mimic the symptoms of a stroke. A mini stroke lasts just a few minutes, and they usually don’t cause permanent damage. But seniors need to take them seriously. As many as 1 in 3 seniors who have a mini stroke will have a full stroke. They are sometimes seen as warnings that a senior may be at risk for a bigger stroke. When seniors have a ministroke they need to get immediate medical attention. Having home care can help seniors get the medical help they need fast. Home care providers are trained to recognize the symptoms of mini strokes so they know when to call for help. Seniors and their families should also know the symptoms:

Sudden Weakness or Numbness

One of the hallmark symptoms of a ministroke is the sudden onset of weakness or numbness, typically on one side of the body. This can affect the face, arm, or leg, making it difficult to move or control these body parts. Anytime a senior has unexpected weakness or numbness it’s best to get emergency help.

Speech Difficulties

Individuals experiencing a ministroke may have difficulty speaking or understanding speech. They may slur their words, have trouble forming coherent sentences, or not comprehend what others are saying.

Visual Disturbances

Vision problems can occur during a ministroke. Some people may experience blurry vision, double vision, or a temporary loss of vision in one or both eyes.

Dizziness or Loss of Balance

A feeling of dizziness, loss of balance, or difficulty walking may occur during a TIA. This can make it challenging for the affected person to maintain their equilibrium.

Severe Headache

In some cases, a severe headache may be a symptom of a ministroke. This headache is typically sudden in onset and may be accompanied by other neurological symptoms.

Confusion or Memory Issues

Cognitive symptoms, such as confusion, memory problems, or disorientation, can manifest during a TIA. The individual may have difficulty processing information or recalling recent events.

Tingling Sensation

Some people with a mini stroke may experience a tingling or “pins and needles” sensation in their face, arm, or leg. This can be a transient symptom that lasts only a few minutes.

Many of the symptoms of a stroke or mini stroke can be caused by other conditions or they can be side effects of medications. But when your senior parent experiences the sudden onset of any of these symptoms, or they experience multiple symptoms, it’s best to call for medical help.

Doctors can do a full exam to make sure that your senior parent is ok and that the symptoms resolve themselves before your senior parent goes home. Home care after a mini stroke is strongly recommended so that seniors won’t be alone. The risk of having a stroke increases after a stroke or a mini stroke so it’s important that seniors not be left alone.

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