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Why Your Senior Parent is Scared of Losing Independence

There are reasons why losing independence is terrifying for a senior, take the time to understand so you and 24-hour home care can help them better.
24-hour home care in Mandeville LA
24-hour home care in Mandeville LA

You can imagine that aging in place can lead to a lot of challenges, but most seniors find it worth it to age in place. They fear that moving to a senior home means they lose their independence. They fear getting more help while aging at home means they are losing control. But why do they fear losing independence when you know they need more help? There are several reasons why losing independence is terrifying for a senior, and you must take the time to understand their thoughts so you can effectively help them better.

Fear of Losing Themselves

When seniors rely on someone else, like 24-hour home care, to make their schedules, they fear they will lose their identity. One of the best things you can do is assure your loved one that even though they are gaining new help, they are still in control of their bodies and schedules. An elderly person still has every right to do what they want; they just need more help doing the things they love. Finding the right caregiver means a senior can live their life with a higher quality and in any way they want. It’s essential to understand this is a common fear and to know and support them through this valid fear of aging in place with help.

Fears About Money

Often, when seniors think about hiring 24-hour home care, they think it will come with a huge bill. They may take pride in having money from working so long, so it can feel like a huge scare to start spending what they have worked hard for. You must place less emphasis on the money part of caregiving and focus on why it will help them age in place for much longer. When you take the focus off of the money, they may be more likely to want more help in the house. Having fears about spending money is something that is so common among the elderly population, and it’s important to talk openly about the financial situation and what the options are but also assure them that it’s worth the cost.

Fear of Losing Dignity

Many seniors feel that if they get help, they are reverting to an infant-like stage, which is not true. This can feel like a loss of dignity. However, both you and your senior can rest assured that with the right 24-hour home care assistant, your loved one will be treated with respect and dignity. No one will baby talk or “senior talk” your loved one. Having someone to help your loved one will help improve their quality of life and can help someone’s dignity flourish in their elderly years.

Fear of Confinement

Oftentimes, losing independence means that a senior feels confined to one space. They may not be able to get around as easily as they used to. They may not be able to drive anymore. One thing that can help them immensely is finding the right 24-hour home care provider. They can help your loved one with transportation and easy household chores.

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