Providing exceptional senior home care in Lafayette, LA and the surrounding areas.


What our clients say about us:

We have been through countless of the larger, well-known agencies and were met with the same problems with all of them – staffing issues, hidden fees, cancellations, etc. A friend who is in the medical field suggested I give Brightcare a call. They immediately met with us and had us set up for services in 2 days. They have since sent the same caregiver every time. One time our regular caregiver couldn’t come and the director of the Lafayette branch called me herself before sending someone else in to make sure I was comfortable with that. She accompanied the first caregiver as well as the stand-in one to our home to introduce mom to them. You can tell she and all the caregivers really care for their clients – this is why you always go local, people. You’ll get that personalized compassion. I can’t thank BrightCare enough for changing our views on home care agencies.

-Jeanine S

The care my mother is receiving from BrightCare is truly amazing. The staff is very compassionate and answered all of our questions. I am impressed with how well trained our caregiver is. They are very professional and easy to work with and even created a plan to work within our family budget. Very pleased with how things are going. 

-Jackie J

Submit a Testimonial:

My mom was very pleased with the services and the caregiver while with Brightcare. In the short amount of time that we needed services the caregiver went above and beyond to help with all of her needs and make her comfortable. I would highly recommend BrightCare to anyone.

Barbara R

So far things have been great. They assessed my grandfather in the hospital before he was discharged after a month in rehab. They were the only ones willing to work with his private insurer. Everyone else said they didn’t do that. They got us 35 hours of care through our insurance so we were really happy about that because we thought we would have to pay everything out of pocket.

-Hailey H

The staff was great, very respectful and provided me with answers to all my questions.

-Toby L

I had use this service for my paw paw the caregivers were great.

-David T

My uncle lives in Lafayette with no family around.  He needed help after having his leg amputated.  Brooke didn’t hesitate to get him set up with a ride home from the hospital and provide 24/7 care for several weeks.  His caregivers were incredible.  We still have a caregiver that comes several times a week to drive him to doctor appointments, run errands and do little things around his house.  Without BrightCare my uncle would not have been able to stay in his home for recovery.  Every time we talk to him he always says how much he loves his caregiver Kim!

-Mary D

Very good crew they helped my grandma alot their services are excellent.

-Drew B

BrightCare is absolutely amazing.  My husband called them on a weekend, and they met us at the hospital as my mother-in-law was being discharged on hospice.  Kate went above and beyond as they started our care within less than 24 hours.  Kate individually trained all of the caregivers to meet my mothers-in-law’s specific needs. The caregivers were with us when my mother-in-law passed, and knew exactly how to handle the situation.  They were so gentle and respectful, and even prayed with our family throughout the process. I can’t begin to accurately express how amazing these people are.  I do not know what we would have done without their help. 

-Carolyn L

Great business and Great people. They were very attentive to our needs.

-Brett G

This is a top notch service and will refer anyone to this business! They were on demand and met all our needs.

-Christy L

Very knowledgeable.  Helped my family when we were in need of a caregiver!

-Kate M

My dad is a veteran and needed homecare.  BrightCare set him up with aid and attendance and now they are with him weekly.  All of the caregivers have been so helpful.  My dad did not want any help at first, but after working with Rachael he loves the help.  Rachael has been so understanding and works with my dad even when he can be a bit difficult.  We did try a different agency, but I find BrightCare to be much better.  I love how they have a care coordinator always available to help out if any issues come up. You can tell these girls love what they do.  They have a really possitive, upbeat energy every time they are around and do whatever they can to make my dad happy.

-Lori C

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