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How Does Home Care Assist on Shopping Days?

Home care can help your Dad plan a shopping list and take him to shop for groceries. They can also help him to meal plan for the week.
Home Care in Youngsville LA
Home Care in Youngsville LA

Your dad no longer drives, so you have to stop by and take him shopping when he needs items for his home. Have you considered the benefits of having a home care service available to help him run errands and shop for groceries?

Helps Him Plan a Menu and Create a Shopping List

Each week, your dad should focus on menu planning to ensure he’s sticking to a balanced diet. He has a hard time building that meal plan and checking his kitchen’s inventory to decide what is needed and what is already in stock. A home care aide can help him build a menu, check his food stocks, and build a shopping list.

Your Dad Has a Driver

When it’s time to go shopping, his home care aide can drive. He won’t have to wait for you to bring him. You’re no longer stuck trying to balance work, your kids, and your social needs with everything your dad needs.

Instead of struggling to fit your dad’s errands in, have a home care service available to drive him around. His caregiver is there to bring him to stores, medical offices, and other area businesses. He’s not going to have to wait for you or try to drive and risk an accident.

Helps Him With Purchases

As your dad is choosing the items he needs, he may be like many older adults who cannot read fine print without magnifiers. If he doesn’t have them with him, he may be unable to read the nutrition facts. Home care can help.

His home care aide can read the labels and help him choose items that don’t have too much sugar, sodium, or saturated fat. He’ll have someone to assist him in finding the items with the most fiber, protein, or calcium.

Your dad has help choosing the freshest vegetables, best cuts of meat, and prices that match his budget. He’ll gain confidence knowing he can shop and stick to his budget.

He Won’t Struggle to Pay

Has your dad disliked the transition from writing a check or handing a cashier a card or cash to pay? Modern touch screens and keypads confuse him. If he struggles to use a payment system at a register or even go through self-checkout, his caregiver is there to help him count change if he’s paying with cash.

Once your dad has paid, his caregiver helps him get the receipt and bag everything if needed. His caregiver loads the bags into the car and carries everything into the house. He can help put things away at home or let his caregiver do it.

Would your dad benefit from home care services? Call and talk to an advisor about your dad’s habits and areas where he needs the most help. Arrange home care services after asking questions and getting prices.

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